Custom bespoke shirts (brainstorm)

Why custom bespoke? Existing customers: Tomatoes.. chefs.. Which customers is it relevant for? Why would I (customer) be interested? What's the value proposition? When 'Made-to-measure' becomes 'Custom bespoke' Current customers: Tomato shirt.. chefs.. only need one case study really and I'll update the page layout and imagery. How it works: How to get in touch with your ideas. How long it takes.. How it works: 1st meeting, design process, production, delivery and reorders. Measurements: If making an appointment, don't worry we take care of it.. For remote orders: How to take measurements.. visit stockist if one nearby.. whatsapp video appointment..? Limitations/restrictions on sizing..? Materials: How it works.. Materials.. buttons & stuff... availability.. setting expectations/limitations/conditions (not all ready-to-wear is available in made-to-measure).. Prices: Can you publish a fixed price? Fixed vs variable pricing for material use? Initial appointment cost? First shirt costs more for templating etc. then subsequent shirts cost less? Made to measure shirts: Short teaser - when Made to measure will do.. (Molly, I'll link through to the Made to measure menu item for detailed information. This section is just a teaser) Terms and conditions: Responsibility for measurements.. limitations.. non-returnable or refundable.. prices subject to change.. etc.etc..