Made in New Zealand (brainstorm)

So, why buy NZ Made you may say?

There are so many reasons why it matters to buy NZ Made, especially in this day and age that we are living in.

First and foremost, your hard earned dollar stays in this country, rather than being directed offshore, any you know what...chances are, whats been made in your own country is probably better made. 

NZ is full of small to medium size businesses, so buying NZ Made ensures that your money is not supporting offshore big companies who can cause alot of harm.(NEED WORK HERE) That mindset of, 'profit at any cost', the use of child labour, long hours in working conditions that we would be appalled to see, pollution...the list goes on, its just 'not a thing' here in good ole NZ. 

Buying NZ Made, you know that you are voting with your wallet, ensuring NZ owned and operated businesses thrive, and in doing so, ensures jobs are kept, fair wages are paid, families are supported and even that word that we all hate, 'taxes', are paid to directly contribute back into our countries coffers.


Many years of experience make up the Mo Cullen Shirtsmith team, collectively over 150 years worth of talent!

Trained and qualified specialists are involved in the construction and manufacture of these fine quality shirts, from Mo herself who has an eye for fine quality fabrics and prints, to patternmakers, cutters, machinists, all ensuring an end to end process control.. right down to the correct number of stitches per centimeter. Finishing and quality control are paramount. 

- get a photo of a shirt worn a thousand times? Subject to care guide.

Social responsibility:

NZ owned and operated.. local experts.. remuneration.. small business.. supporting independent operators and local communities.. money stays in NZ.. idk.

Environmental sustainability:

Less shipping, no packaging, no plastic wrapping, lower emissions and therefore lower environmental impact.