Made to measure shirts (brainstorm)


Off the rack shirts that are produced en masse are often the wrong shape, ill fitting, or you find one that fits perfectly, but the fabric quality could be wrong, or its just not in the print you want... orrr John who works in the same office as you, has the same shirt. 

Why Made to measure?


Find it difficult to source the cut of shirt that particularly suits your shape? Made to measure is the perfect solution.

Got an old shirt that you have loved and worn to death? Have a pattern taken and bring that shape and fit back to life.

Need a little extra room in the front? Want a more tapered fit?  Need extra length? Having your shirts tailor made will provide you with 'the shirt of your dreams', and what's even better, it can be replicated in as many different prints as you would like, or go for a combo..some short sleeve, some long.

Tailored solutions for individual clients. 

When 'Made-to-measure' becomes 'Custom bespoke'.

How it works:

 Tall? need extra length in body and sleeves?

Wide? need larger size, or extra room in front?

Want pocket? 

Different collar design? buttons on your collar?

Contrast trim on cuffs, inside collar?

7 -10 working days depending on fabric availability 

Want to keep your custom pattern on file for reorders? 

How it works: 1st meeting, design process, production, delivery and reorders.



making an appointment, don't worry we take care of it.

A visit to workroom for consult and measurements?

could send already loved shirt for pattern to be taken from.

zoom call for remote orders.  How to take measurements instructional. (possible to take measurements from existing shirt also

Mo comes to you (prob would only do for bulk purchase ie 2 + shirts)



How it works..

Can choose fabrics from readymade shirts (depending on fabric availability)

View fabric swatch cards to pick prints/business shirts

Let me know what you're looking for re fabrics and I can source it

Materials.. bespoke 'Mo Cullen' buttons, coconut buttons.





Consult free of charge? unless travelling to client

Prices will vary depending on what is required for each client, but will be confirmed prior to commencement of work.

Purchasing in multiples will attract a discount (dont like the use of this word, but will think of something better.)

Fixed cost if patternmaking is required.  Clients pattern and details to be held at workroom. 



Custom bespoke shirts:

Use Curious Croppers as 'case study' here. (have asked permission)

Have a unique trade or business? Want to stand out from the crowd?  Here at Mo Cullen Shirtsmith will work with you to understand the nature of your business and source prints applicable to your industry...

Short teaser - when Made to measure becomes Custom bespoke.. Want to take it further with a fully customised, bespoke shirt..?  (Molly, I'll link through to the Custom bespoke menu item for detailed information. This section is just a teaser)


Terms and conditions:

Responsibility for measurements.. limitations.. non-returnable or refundable.. prices subject to change.. etc.etc..