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Mo Cullen Shirtsmith - Collage of finished bespoke white shirt, work in progress materials, and a sewing machine

How it works:

Call now to make an appointment

Design consultation and measure-up

Choose fabrics and design features

Your shirt is handcrafted in our Mahurangi workroom

Free delivery to your home or office

Easy online reorders - new shirts are just a click away

Mo Cullen Shirtsmith - Custom bespoke tailored shirts for businesses corporate and promotion

Curious Croppers

When Curious Croppers 'the tomato guys' wanted to express their passion for produce, owners Anthony and Angela Tringham turned to Mo Cullen Shirtsmith, and now they really stand out from the competition.

"Wearing our tomato shirts is like wearing a uniform. The brand is so easily recognisable - whether I'm on TV, onsite with restaurant customers, at the markets, trade shows and industry events, or even just in the street - we really stand out. Everyone knows who we are and how passionate and committed we are to the product, and that's been so good for business."

Want your business to stand out from the competition in a way that speaks to your quality, individuality and professionalism? Ready to step up from regular work shirts, chef's jackets, polos and tees? Need to clothe your team with your brand in a way that says passionate, exclusive, unique?

At Mo Cullen Shirtsmith we work with you to understand your business, design to your brand, source exclusive prints, and deliver quality branding and merchandising that sets you apart from the competition.

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