Sustainability & social responsibility

At Mo Cullen Shirtsmith we're committed to creating beautiful men's shirts, combining the finest fabrics and materials with quality artisanry, right here in NZ. We do so as sustainably as we know how, and in most cases we do so at a lower price point than the competition. If you can wear the finest fabrics with the lasting durability of NZ-made artisanry for the same money as an imported shirt, why wouldn't you?

Quality NZ tailoring

Mo Cullen Shirtsmith collectively reflects more than 150 years of talent and experience. Quality NZ artisanry meets the finest Turkish fabrics and German engineering to produce the highest quality men's tailoring right here in Mahurangi, NZ. Not only is Mo Cullen Shirtsmith wholly NZ owned and operated, all our shirts are proudly patterned, cut, sewn and finished by highly qualified tailors, here in New Zealand. 

Qualified, trained specialists facilitate the manufacture of these fine shirts. From Mo Cullen herself who selects the finest quality fabrics and prints, to our patternmakers, cutters and machinists, all ensuring end to end process control right down to the number of stitches per centimeter. Quality is paramount.

NZ-made is a vote for your family, friends and community

In buying NZ Made, we vote with our wallet, ensuring NZ businesses survive. In doing so, together we secure jobs for the next generation, fair wages for high quality expertise, direct investment into local families and communities, and we grow the economy with taxes flowing back into the system, ensuring NZ continues to thrive for future generations.  

Because we're not on the high street, our distributed labour supply means your hard earned dollar flows directly into regional and local families and communities. Mo Cullen Shirtsmith pays ethical wages, rewarding skilled New Zealanders fairly for their expertise and the quality and finish reflected in your NZ-made Mo Cullen shirt.

Love the environment

Buying NZ-made products online hits the sweet spot for the environment. E-commerce has a significantly lower carbon footprint than bricks and mortar businesses, mostly due to the emissions generated by individual trips to the store by customers and employees, but also the operational overhead of lighting, heating and operating physical stores. 

NZ-made means less shipping, less people transportation and fewer journeys, lower energy consumption, and overall, lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. While e-commerce can score less favourably on product packaging and higher percentage product returns than bricks and mortar, at Mo Cullen Shirtmith you won't find fancy superfluous product packaging, and owing to the quality and durability of our shirts we're proud to report almost nil product returns. Finally, a quality long-lasting shirt means fewer purchases and less landfill.

Employment and the NZ economy

Not only is Mo Cullen Shirtsmith New Zealand owned and operated, all our manufacturing happens here in NZ, directly contributing to NZ's GDP. Yes we create jobs directly but we also invest in the NZ supply chain, further generating employment for people who pay taxes here in NZ.